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there is questions that are many the handbook about introducing several guinea pigs

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That are the male/female cavy that is best fits for best-buddy experience, and which matches could bring the absolute most dilemmas in their social life. I really hope this informative article will causes things effortless them live happy together for you to decide on your guinea pigs’ social lives and make.

1. Why do you want several guinea pig?

Because guinea pigs are extremely social pets, it will always be suggested which they reside with a minumum of one another cage mate. Having only one guinea pig makes his/her life lonely, it doesn’t matter how enough time you may spend with her or him, as you aren’t (presumably, when you are scanning this) of a cavy species, but individual – which simply does not cut it. We don’t talk their language, although we could mostly know very well what will they be attempting to tell us.

Solo guinea pig could get lonely, less wondering, less vocal, less active, (mehr…)