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Test 10 Key Hormones Which Help Determine a female’s General Well-being

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What hormones does this test measure?

By examining a couple of spots caused by blood and saliva – each gathered at different points throughout your period utilizing a simple test kit – we measure many different hormones considered to be instrumental in womens wellness.

These hormones consist of:

  • Estradiol (measured on 19 day)
  • Progesterone (measured on 19 day)
  • LH (calculated on 3 day)
  • FSH (calculated on time 3)
  • DHEAS (measured on time 19)
  • Testosterone (measured on time 19)
  • Cortisol (at four times throughout time 19)
  • TSH (measured on 19 day)
  • Free T3 (measured on 19 day)
  • Free T4 (measured on time 19)
  • TPO antibodies (measured on time 19)

While you comprehend your current hormone stability in a far more accurate means, youll be much more informed in your preparation for future years, no matter whether you’ve planned a family members or becoming a clear nester. (mehr…)